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Bath Salts - 2CD (2013) - (expanded edition 2019)

by NichelOdeon

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written by Paolo Carelli Love me! Son of the last quarter of a night. Love me, as only you can do, always. Break me into fourteen pieces, from head to toe make it easier for me... make it easier for me.... I know you can! Tear up to the last scrap of cloth off me. Count me, every hair on my body Smell me, smell me inside and outside. I have for you, just for you, every hidden corner, every secluded corner, every lost corner, every most secret corner, most sensitive. You know that love can't be alone a fold of flesh like love, somewhere else.... A sweaty fold of flesh sometimes with nails that wound scratching and piercing everywhere, an endless number of penetrations. Love me, son of the last quarter of the night! Guide me. You have before you, a mad orchestra! The orchestrals are inside The orchestrals are outside ready to play melodies chords, of soul and flesh. Do it, or I'll throw at you instruments, notes, harmonies, melodies. Love me and love me now, son of the last quarter of the night. Son or daughter... ...of the last quarter of time.
Lyrics: "(Mother) You are born without guilt, you grew without giving up. you strongly tore away a piece of me and you penetrated me with your rage, making me immortal. I'm asking you now, teach me to live! How much do I have to bend to harvest my sky? How much do I have to bend to harvest my sky? Do you think you'll love me when I won't have anything more to say? Will you forgive me when you won't be enough? I drowned your screams, I dried your tears, I fed you to know you BIGGER, always BIGGER. At last I taught you to loathe everything you don't know, pray for me! I hid you inside me, defend me. I hid you inside me, defend me. I hid you inside me, defend me. I hid you inside me, defend me. Do you think you'll love me when I won't be able to take care of you? Will you forgive me when you won't find me? (Son) Regina coeli, laetare, alleluia, I foresaw our kingdom reflected in a pond... do you want to reach it with me?" TESTO ITALIANO: "(Madre) Sei nato senza colpe, sei cresciuto senza resa, hai strappato via con forza un pezzo in me e mi hai penetrata con la tua rabbia, rendendomi immortale. Ora ti chiedo, insegnami a vivere! Quanto devo piegarmi per raccogliere il mio cielo? Quanto devo piegarmi per raccogliere il mio cielo? Credi mi amerai quando avrò più niente da dire? Mi perdonerai quando non mi basterai? Ho annegato le tue urla, ho asciugato il tuo pianto, ti ho nutrito per saperti più GRANDE, sempre più GRANDE. Infine ti ho insegnato a disprezzare tutto quello che non conosci, prega per me! Ti ho tenuto nascosto dentro me, difendimi. Ti ho tenuto nascosto dentro me, difendimi. Ti ho tenuto nascosto dentro me, difendimi. Ti ho tenuto nascosto dentro me, difendimi. Credi mi amerai quando non saprò più curarti? Mi perdonerai quando non mi troverai? (Figlio) Regina coeli, laetare, alleluia, ho scorto nel riflesso di una pozza il nostro regno... vuoi raggiungerlo con me?"
ENGLISH Lyrics: "Never let he fall never let he fall today let your arms be like a swing today let your arms be like a swing rocking sweetly sweetly among the stars today let the planes just be toys today let the bombs be pins that shine shine shine shine From today the mothers black flood have dressed all Milan with their prams empty, empty made up as dolls, slowly taken away like seaweed from ghosts. All around the skyscrapers become so tall that the subway light can't rise above like a burp toward the sky, hanging from people's eyes always lower out of shame dressed as.... dressed as pride. Miserable childhood, that inside its bleakness already can tell good from evil... that is sleeping and will awake, will open its eyes but to not see too much will go back to sleep" (Hanus Hachenburg, 12.7.1929 -- Auschwitz 18.12.1943) Testo ITALIANO: "Non lasciarlo mai cadere non lasciarlo mai cadere ma oggi fa che le tue braccia siano come un'altalena oggi che fa che le tue braccia siano come un'altalena dondolante dolcemente dolcemente tra le stelle oggi fa che gli aeroplanisiano solo dei balocchioggi lascia che le bombesiano solo dei birillibrilli brilli brilli brilli Da oggi le madri nera fiumana hanno vestito tutta Milano con le loro carrozzine vuote, vuote truccate a bambole, lente portate via come alghe da fantasmi. Attorno i grattacieli diventano talmente alti da non lasciare che la luce dai metrò risalga con un rutto verso il cielo, appeso agli occhi della gente sempre più bassi per vergogna vestita... vestita ad orgoglio. Miserabile infanzia, che dentro il suo squallore già distingue il bene e il male... che dorme e si sveglierà, aprirà gli occhi e per non vedere troppo si lascerà riprendere dal sonno" (Hanus Hachenburg, 12.7.1929 -- Auschwitz 18.12.1943)
English: "The orbits of the martyrs from Otranto have drained the sea around, from the barren land of the dock smoke coils are rising and the people dance, dance, dance, Saint Paul can't save it for much longer, but nobody will ever come to loot it. In the low buildings people keep their window closed for fear of being swallowed by wind and light and dance, dance, dance." Italiano: "Le orbite dei martiri di Otranto hanno asciugato il mare intorno, dalla terra brulla del molo si alzano spire di fumo e la gente danza, danza, danza, San Paolo non potrà salvarla per molto, ma nessuno verrà più a spogliarla. Nei palazzi bassi la gente tiene chiuse le finestre per paura di farsi inghiottire dal vento e dalla luce e danza, danza, danza."
L'Urlo Ritrovato - English Lyrics a) Ave Maria b) L'Urlo Ritrovato (Burlesque Requiem per la fine di un'era) c) Yeah! (Con la testa al traguardo e gli alluci nella cameretta) "The pictures of the dead scream to us from the gravestones asking us why they failed and we can give them nothing but our silence. "Put out the light More light Give me my glasses! What is the answer? [...] In that case, what is the question? So it's here Man, it's cold... Now, what? Now we can cross the shifting sands together, My God, my God, why did you leave me? (or maybe) Everything is done Oh Allah with the supreme Company in Paradise God will forgive me, it's his work France, the commander of the army, Giuseppina... I am leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool. Good luck Point to the heart, (or better) ... But... but... but, mister colonel Please, don't shoot I'm afraid of nobody Be cool, kill me, you'll kill just a man Ok, ok, I'm coming. Wait a minute I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring. What artist dies with me! I offended God and the whole humanity, since my works didn't reach the quality they should have I die due to the hand of too many doctors Alright It's nothing. It's nothing Now I just want to sleep Guard me from the rats now that I'm anointed All my possessions for a moment of time Can this last long? Drink to me, you know that I can't drink anymore Kiss me, Hardy I can't Crito, we owe a cock to Asclepius. Take care of it, and don't forget Joan of Arc no All things made are doomed to perish! Commit with zeal to your salvation! This is absurd I don't believe two people could be happier than us Don't ruin my circles Galileo, you win! The show is over All is done Lower the curtain, the farce is over Did you try today as well? Lucky you! I don't intend to drink or to sleep, but to leave as soon as I can Go out of here! Last words are good for the fools who haven't said enough in life Run away! We have to run away! Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! Either that wallpaper goes or I do! I HAVE BEEN HERE AND NOBODY WILL TELL MY STORY" (L.Sepulveda, from an incision on a wall of Bergen Belsen)"
ENGLISH lyrics: "Lullaby Lullaby, lulla oh who am I going to give this child to I'll give him to a doctor who'll exchange his heart I'll give him to the doorwoman who'll chop to sell him in pieces or whole to whoever is at the black market Lullaby, lulla eh this child is no more." TESTO Italiano: "Ninna nanna, ninna oh questo bimbo a chi lo do lo darò ad un dottore che baratterà il suo cuore lo darò alla portinaia che gli dà con la mannaia per smerciarlo a pezzi o intero a chi sarà al mercato nero Ninna nanna ninna eh questo bimbo più non ..."
by Paolo Carelli
by Claudio Milano


Guida all'ascolto / Essential tracks:
"Surabaya Johnny" (track 04)
"Terra" (track 11)
"7 Azioni (Musica per la Carne)" (track 09)
"L'Urlo Ritrovato" (track 17)
"Un Posto Sicuro" (track 02)
"Bolle" (track 05)
"Ricordo d'Infanzia" (track 03)
"(This Side of) The Looking Glass" by Peter Hammill (track 07)

(this edition includes 3 bonus tracks! There is an alternate take of "Sette Azioni"; the original track "Per cieco Vivere" by Marco Confalonieri, that became the wonderful coda for "Trittico 50mg"; there is also... the original version of"Giulia (Nata in 7 Mesi, Morta al primo Appuntamento)", recorded when I was only 13 y.o.. It is called "Amore e Morte")

Bath Salts is the second studio album published by NichelOdeon.

It is a record divided into two chapters, dealing with violated childhood, love, death, war and rebirth.

The language is that of a contemporary minstrel who dances on the rubble of time.

The music is concentrated on harp (electroacoustic and Celtic), extended vocals and sounding stones, but there are sections of wind instruments, strings, drums, percussion, contemporary electronics, ethnic instruments, piano, opera singers and actors.

There are several composers and there are also three compositions from the brechtian repertoire.

It was composed over six months and recorded in a few weeks.

Great artists of the history of Italian music from the end of the 60s to the year of publication take part in it.

It was conceived as "the album of the human revolution".

Great importance in the definition of the work, had Effe Lucian's artwork, made of Painting And Visual Poetry (inner paths).


released June 30, 2013

Artwork By [Painting And Visual Poetry] – Effe Luciani
Edited By – Paolo Siconolfi
Graphics – Giorgio Bellante
Mastered By – Paolo Siconolfi
Mixed By – Paolo Siconolfi
Photography By – Andrea Corbellini
Producer – Lizard (2), Loris Furlan
Recorded By – Simone Beretta, Simone Pirovano, Vincenzo Zitello
Recorded By [Contribution] – Elio Martusciello, Lorenzo "pera" Sempio, Michel Delville, Paolo Siconolfi, Paolo Tofani, Paul Beuchamp, Pierangelo Pandiscia, Sebastiano De Gennaro, Stefano Delle Monache


- Claudio Milano
- Raoul Moretti
- Pierangelo PANdiscia
- Vincenzo Zitello


- Michel Delville
- Walter Calloni
- Paolo Tofani
- Valerio Cosi
- Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo
- Alfonso Santimone
- Stefano Delle Monache
- Elio Martusciello
- Paolo Carelli
- Lorenzo Sempio
- Max Pierini
- Andrea Breviglieri
- Andrea Murada
- Massimo Falascone
- Sebastiano de Gennaro
- Giorgio Tiboni
- Laura Catrani
- Valentina Illuminati
- Ivano La Rosa
- Luca Pissavini
- Alessandro Parilli
- Francesco Chiapperini
- Andrea Quattrini
- Fabrizio Carriero
- Anna Caniglia
- Marco Confalonieri
- Simone Pirovano
- Simone Beretta


all rights reserved



Claudio Milano Milan, Italy

Speleologist/climber of the voice, designer of sonic geometries for theater/performance/dance/installations, Claudio Milano is also a teacher, music therapist, actor, performer and illustrator. From 2004 since today he published several albums, 3 of which double, two DVDs and he performed with some of the greatest world musicians in the fields: classic, rock, jazz, ethno, avant-garde, pop... ... more

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