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L'Enfant et le M​é​nure - 2CD (2013)

by InSonar

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ENGLISH lyrics: "Ten Cocoa Children We played blind man's buff Aboard a boat The fine for the one who lost Was a dive into the deep sea In the midst of fish and the warm waves In search of the king of kings Un da du dei du da There was nothing left to eat Daidu dei du da-ah Un da du dei du da Then there were only nine left Dadu dei du da-ah To whoever asks you "who are you" You will say "we are the wizards" So the mothers Bring gifts of cocoa And cane sugar To the king of kings...PUFF PANT Un da du dei du da One of them feel asleep Daidu dei du da-ah Un da du dei du da There were only eight left Dadu dei du da-ah We followed a comet Which took off from a ship It turned into a ghost It appeared and disappeared On it were people with masks Like pirates...OOOOOOOH Un da du dei du da We couldn't find one of them Daidu dei du da ah Un da du dei du da There were only seven left Dadu dei du da-ah In the darkness of the ship's hold Together as tight as could be The sweet fables...UHMMH We heard a siren One looked up His hand going here and there Un da du dei du da One of us broke in half Du dei du da-ah Un da du dei du da And only six were left Dadu dei du da-ah We swam in circles at the bottom of the sea In chorus, we sang, we laughted, we played As tight as could be Like the portholes of a space ship A thousand colours from a spinning top which Lifts itself up towards the sky We left in secret To play with the sea gulls On the high banks...EHHHHHHHEHEHEH When out of the darkness came The shadow of a pirate With a sword...RUNRUNRUNRUN! Un da du dei du da One of us was speared in the side Dadu dei du da-ah Un da du dei du da Only five were left Du dei du da-ah A boat approached us And a gentleman with a cloak stepped out He gave us a new name But for my brother He couldn't find one...OHIBO....OHI! Un da du dei du da One cannot live without a name Daidu dei du da-ah Un da du dei du da Only four were left Dadu dei du da-ah Then a strong wind came And we blew into the sails Not to be carried away....PFFFF! One of us leaned too far over He slipped into the sea A crab snacked him....SGNACK! Un da du dei du da A crab took him Du dei du da-ah Un da du dei du da And only three were left Dadu dei du da-ah While we rested A guardian angel Looked over us.....RONF! He took the most beautiful of us And covered him with lotus And kissed him...SMACK! Un da du dei du da He swallowed him with kisses Daidu dei du da-ah Un da du dei du da And only two were left Dadu dei du da-ah Then the summer came There were only two of us left Waiting For the arrival at Bethlemme With gifts tightly held in hand And eyes fixed on the sky, on the sky...UHM... Un da du dei du da One of us melted like wax Du dei du da-ah Un da du dei du da And only one of us was left Dadu dei du da-ah We swam in a circle at the bottom of the sea In chorus , we sang, we laughed, we played As tight as could be Like portholes of a space ship A thousand colours from a spinning top Which lifts itself up towards the sky Now it's only me left .............. Un da du dei du ba, du dai u-un bede Da, daidu bede da-a Un daidu dei du ba, un daiun dede un da Dai un bede da, deh"


Guida all'ascolto / Essential tracks:
"Dieci Bambini Cacao" (track 09)
"Medina" (track 18)
"La Stanza a Sonagli" (track 03)
"Venus in Furs" (track 08)
"Song to the Siren" (track 12)
"L'Estasi di Santo Nessuno" (track 02)

62 musicians from 5 continents.
This work that refers to the idea of ​​"itai doshin" (different bodies, same mind), was conceived with the moniker InSonar (Claudio Milano & Marco Tuppo).

It shows the extreme possibilities offered by networking.
Starting from the desire to investigate all the possibilities offered by the human voice, electronics and musical instruments of all kinds and latitudes (including 12 theremin players and Thomas Bloch at Onde Martenot), complete freedom was given to the musicians involved, who responded with an unexpected enthusiasm.
The lyrics of CD 1 speak of the ability of children to transform horror into wonder.
The second CD has the theme "the journey" (mental and physical).

Legends of rock, pop, jazz, classical, ethnic and electronic music, from different corners of the planet, engraved with genuine enthusiasm, after listening to the original songs for voice and electronics.

The mixing process lasted three years.

Something unrepeatable.

About InSonar:

The duo began their collaboration with "Red Submarine", track included in Liir bu Fer's "3 juno" (ZEIT CD 003 - 2011) and with an alternate take on "Neve Sporca" (SCR07CD 2013). A second act of the project was the recording of "Gallia" and "Plaisir d'Amour", both on Pierrot Lunaire's "TRE" (MPRCD0063).
Together with "L'Enfant et le Ménure", a collector's item CD called "Neve Sporca" was published. It contains unreleased, alternate takes, live versions
On December 16, 2015, a new track was released. It was called "Nyama" and was published for electronics only with some sparse vocal contributions on Alfa Neu's "Introducing Mr K" (Drummond Records ‎– DSP 011). This track, credited as InSonar, in the form of an extended version, was published online in 2016. "Nyama", in a completely different form, will be part of NichelOdeon / InSonar & Relatives first album, called "INCIDENTI".
Few were the concerts of the project, one only with Marco Tuppo (feat. Walter Calloni, Vincenzo Zitello, Lorenzo Sempio, Stefano Ferrian, Andrea Quattrini, Francesco Chiapperini, the dancers Andrea Butera & Ines Ambrosini), the others with Raoul Moretti and Luca Milano.


released June 30, 2013

artwork by Marcello Bellina aka Berlikete & Arend Wanderlust


Claudio Milano & Marco Tuppo
Elliott Sharp, Trey Gunn, Pat Mastellotto, Walter Calloni, Paolo Tofani, Ivan Cattaneo, Nik Turner, Dieter Moebius, Thomas Bloch, Ralph Carney, Dana Colley, Graham Clark , Richard A Ingram, Albert Kuvezin,
Othon Mataragas, Ernesto Tomasini, Nate Wooley, Burkhard Stangl, Mattias Gustavsson, Werner Durand, Victor Meertens, Erica Scherl, Michael Thieke, Viviane Houle, Jonathan Mayer, Stephen Flinn, Angelo Manzotti, Roberto Laneri, Vincenzo Zitello, Elio Martusciello, Thomas Grillo, Pekkanini, Víctor Estrada Mañas, Eric Ross, Takeuchi Masami, Gordon Charlton, Francesco Chapperini, Luca Pissavini, Fabrizio Carriero, Andrea Murada, Andrea Illuminati, Max Pierini, Lorenzo Sempio, Andrea Tumicelli, Nicola De Bortoli, Francesco Zago, Michele Bertoni, Alex Stangoni, Michele Nicoli, Stefano Ferrian, Alfonso Santimone, Luca Boldrin, Andrea Quattrini, Beppe Cacciola, Simone Zanchini, Paola Tagliaferro, Max Marchini, Raoul Moretti, Pierangelo Pandiscia, Gino Ape.

Labels: LIZARD, Carabà Edizioni, dEN Records


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Claudio Milano Milan, Italy

Speleologist/climber of the voice, designer of sonic geometries for theater/performance/dance/installations, Claudio Milano is also a teacher, music therapist, actor, performer and illustrator. From 2004 since today he published several albums, 3 of which double, two DVDs and he performed with some of the greatest world musicians in the fields: classic, rock, jazz, ethno, avant-garde, pop... ... more

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