1. Antilunare 1 - from Pensiero Nomade (Lazzara, Pietropaoli, Guidoni, Milano)'s "Appunti per una Teoria delle Maree"
    Pensiero Nomade - Salvatore Lazzara, Luca Pietropaoli, Davide Guidoni, Claudio Milano

  2. Aghe Aghe Benedete - live in Belfort 2016 - from Strepitz Open Project's "Punto d'Incontro"
    Strepitz Open Project - Giovanni Floreani, Evaristo Casonato, Claudio Milano

  3. Ruderi e Macerie #3 - from Maisie's "Maledette Rockstar"
    Maisie - with Claudio Milano, Francesco Chiapperini, Vito Emanuele Galante, Luigi Porto

  4. Blue Jarman - alternate longer version - from AAVV's "Out of Standard !! - Italia 4"
    Claudio Milano & Piero Chanura

  5. Nyama - outtake from "Introducing Mr. K" by Alfa Neu
    InSonar - Marco Tuppo, Claudio Milano

  6. Vergini e Serpenti original mix - from AAVV "Un Tipo Atipico - #tributoivancattaneo"
    Claudio Milano, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Erica Scherl, Ivan Cattaneo

  7. Raped Lands - from Raoul Moretti's "Harpscapes"
    Raoul Moretti, Claudio Milano

  8. UKIYOE - Mondi Fluttuanti - (expanded edition 2019)

  9. Bath Salts (expanded edition 2019)

  10. L'Enfant et le Ménure

  11. Musica Cruda (expanded edition 2019)

  12. Neve Sporca (expanded edition 2019)

  13. NO - at BLOOM 2011 - (expanded edition 2019)

  14. Adython (expanded edition 2019)
    Claudio Milano & Erna Franssens aka KasjaNoova

  15. Aurelia Aurita
    The RADIATA 5tet

  16. Plaisir d'Amour - from Pierrot Lunaire's "TRE"

  17. Salmo 60 - from AAVV's "Neumi - Cantus Volat Signa Manent"
    Carola Caruso, Stefano delle Monache, Claudio Milano

  18. Junio - from 1605munro's "Lunapark"
    1605munro - Claudio Milano, Jorge Haro, Alex Anthony Faide, Daniel Erismann

  19. Red Submarine - original version - from Liir Bu Fer's "3 Juno"
    Liir Bu Fer & Claudio Milano - Marco Tuppo, Andrea Tumicelli, Nicola De Bortoli

  20. Il Gioco del Silenzio (expanded edition 2019)

  21. Cinemanemico (expanded edition 2019)

  22. La Stanza Suona ciò che non Vedo (expanded edition 2019)

  23. L'Urlo Rubato - musiche per il teatro (expanded edition 2019)


Claudio Milano Fragagnano, Italy

Speleologist/climber of the voice, designer of sonic geometries for theater/performance/dance/installations, Claudio Milano is also a teacher, music therapist, actor, performer and illustrator. From 2004 since today he published several albums, 3 of which double, two DVDs and he performed with some of the greatest world musicians in the fields: classic, rock, jazz, ethno, avant-garde, pop... ... more

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